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Such a Time As This?

July 2020. What can we honestly make of 2020? If you would have asked me in December 2019 what I planned to do in 2020, I would have said the following: 1) learn a new skill, 2) stop working on the weekends, 3) take one recreational trip each month, and 4) attend at least 3 professional development conferences. I would have talked about launching a new business, making new investments, losing 30 pounds, attending my first Chicago Bulls game, and hosting family and friends for routine game nights, cookouts, and movie nights. I was not prepared to discuss being sheltered in place or wearing face masks every time I left the home. While thankful for the option to work remotely, I would not have anticipated experiencing separation anxiety from friends and family. I would not have planned for inflated prices for hand sanitizer or the need to strategically plan my grocery store visits.

What has COVID19 taught me?

  • Flexibility is the standard not the alternative.

  • Privilege can be disrupted at any moment.

  • All people experience fear – we just process it differently.

  • Weekends are invaluable to my mental health.

  • Work-life balance allows me to revisit challenges with renewed creativity and innovation.

  • New Years’ resolutions should be built on mindset and intention rather than specific action.

  • I need grace every day, so I need to give grace every day.

  • Zoom meetings are fun and exhausting.

  • Technology is a gift to the human existence and can be leveraged in new ways.

#InTheGuarden we are constantly learning and exploring new ways of life. We are constantly reimagining lifestyle, policies, and culture. 2020 is proving to be a great time to do this.

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