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A Non-partisan Response to the September 29th Presidential Debate

The Guarden LLC offers diversity and inclusion, anti-racist education for the people who want to "get it"...for organizations that want to increase capability...for communities who want to strengthen quality of life...for employers who want to see happy employees...for corporations that want to disrupt their racist design and profile...for teams that desire to do better but genuinely don't know who/what/when/where/how. We work for humanity. We do not work for those "standing back or on standby."

#InTheGuarden, white supremacists and terrorists groups do not get a pass. #InTheGuarden, there is no grace for hate, no space for hate. Diversity education and equity training are not anti-America education. It is education that is anti:

1. lack of accessibility for physical and cognitive disabilities

2. killing of Black people by excessive use of law enforcement

3. assault on human and civil rights for all trans people

4. ageist policies that prevent multigenerational workplace cohesion

5. education "reform" that disparately impacts low SES, disabled, and global majority communities

6. low competence practitioners that lead to barriers accessing physical and mental health services

7. "micro-ish" -- aggressions and insults that disrupt learning, belonging, productivity, and quality of life and place for people in classrooms, at work, in community spaces, etc.

8. legislation and policies that keep the poor, poor and the rich, rich

9. binary language that restricts freedom for any individual

10. glass ceiling and pay inequity for women

11. discriminatory practices based on style, color, and texture of hair in the workplace

12. school to prison pipelining

This list is not complete and will change over time if we do our job well. This work will not stop until this soil is a place where unalienable rights aren't debated, freedom is not monetized, and existing isn't a crime.

Hard at work,

Nichelle Whitney

CEO, The Guarden LLC

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