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Diversity education Workshop

This unique suite of programming can include introductory, intermediate, and advanced-level training and workshops. Diversity education will give teams a strategic approach to developing programs, tactics for learning and unlearning, and also helps individuals/organizations build allyship.

Examples of workshops in this suite:

  • Diversity Ed 101: Learning the Language

  • Grace and Embrace: Getting to Diversity

  • Navigating Imposter Syndrome

  • Demanding Liberation: Advocating for Inclusion of Your Authentic Self

  • Building Trust at Work

Cultural Sensitivity Training

This suite of programming goes beyond introductory conversations and into introspective assessment. This suite is for organizations/individuals that already have a basic understanding of key diversity and inclusion definitions but wish to explore more deeply impact on behavior. This package employs accountability at the forefront of all workshops, and gives participants an opportunity to apply theory to practice

Examples of workshops in this suite

  • Bias, Bias, and More Bias

  • Culturally-sensitive Communication

  • Undoing Cultural Erasure

  • Activism in the Workplace

This practice aims for reconciliation after incidents occur. The Guarden will facilitate culturally competent mediation and work with Human Resource teams and/or leadership to implement culturally-aware performance improvement and accountability plans. This service is accompanied by other learning sessions in addition to strategy review. 

Examples of sessions in this suite:

  • Remediation and Reconciliation: Getting to Trust Through Demonstrated Character and Competency

  • Community & Conflict: Navigating Crucial Conversations

  • Anti-Racism: The Process for Disrupting Norms and Reshaping Work

Cultural Remediation


Thank you for exploring in The Guarden.

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