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A place where things can grow.

Diversity Education


THE Guarden

The Guarden, LLC is a place where things can grow. Founded by Nichelle Whitney, The Guarden offers diversity education training for institutions, corporations, and organizations of all sizes. The education is approached from a lens of grace and reaching for the highest point of unity, so workshops usually include opportunities for introspection and centers on helping individuals reach for reconciliation rather than resentment.

The Guarden's services are founded on three guiding principles: 

  1. Everyone deserves education

  2. Education comes with accountability

  3. We choose to extend grace

The Guarden offers keynote addresses, workshops and training for groups of all sizes and industries. We conduct training in-person and virtually and with context to healthcare/STEM, corporate America, local government, and higher education. The Guarden focuses on strategic partnerships, methodical approaches to education, and imperfection in humanity, so we ask the tough questions to get you and your team to achieve collective goals. 

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Nichelle WHitney

Hello Sunshine! My name is Nichelle Whitney, and I am the creator of The Guarden. I have spent much of my adult life as a scholar, a professional, and community-change agent. My heart for diversity education stems from the notion that education is important, but grace, accountability and reconciliation are required. In addition to diversity and inclusion workshops, Nichelle leads diversity recruitment and outreach efforts for an institution of higher learning, chairs the Monroe County Women's Commission, serves with the Community Foundation of Bloomington & Monroe County Board of Directors as a Fellow, and chairs the Inclusion, Access, and Success Committee for the state of Indiana.


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Diversity Education


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